Weaving in Ends Step by Step

Weaving in Ends Step by Step

We often think that the process of weaving in yarn ends is boring. The truth is – it is one of the most creative tasks in knitting. It is a lot like freeform embroidery, but unlike the classic embroidery, we want to make our needlework invisible.

There is a gazillion of different approaches to this simple task. I want to share with you a way that I’ve developed over the years of knitting various projects using all kinds of yarns.

A huge advantage of a creative approach to weaving in yarn ends is that we can use this seemingly mundane process to fix holes and other imperfections in the areas that are close to the strand we are hiding. For example, we can easily fix holes in the underarms of a top-down sweater by making a few simple overhand stitches before we weave in a yarn tail in that part of the project.

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Happy knitting!

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Weaving in Ends Step by Step | 10 rows a day
Weaving in Ends Step by Step | 10 rows a day
Weaving in Ends Step by Step | 10 rows a day