Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Eastern Knitting Style) – Part 2

Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Russian Knitting Style) – Part 2

In the first part of the Waffle Scarf knit-along, we cast on stitches, figured out how to make nice side edges, established the stitch pattern, and started to work the simple pattern repeat to build up our Eatern knitting skills as we make the scarf longer and longer.

I hope you had a lot of fun following the simple pattern repeat and I hope that, by now, you feel confident when you knit and purl using the Eastern (previously known as Russian) knitting style. Now, it is time to finish off the scarf and wear it with pride 🙂

In the final part of this knit-along, we’ll decide whether our scarf is long enough and we’ll bind off stitches in pattern using the super easy bind off technique that is common in Eastern knitting. Then, we’ll hide the yarn tails and make our lovely scarf nice and even.

I will also show you how we can apply a very important part of the Eastern knitting philosophy – make do and improvise – to make our knitting journey easier and more pleasant.

Thank you for joining me in this knit-along. I hope you enjoyed making your very own Waffle Scarf and I hope that you had an opportunity to appreciate the simplicity of the Eastern knitting style.

If you want to continue to explore this super efficient style of knitting, consider taking the full course about Eastern knitting. Thank you 🙂

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Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Russian Knitting Style) | 10 rows a day
Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Russian Knitting Style) | 10 rows a day

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Happy knitting!

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