Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Eastern Knitting Style) – Part 1

Russian Knitting Knit-Along - Waffle Scarf

Welcome to the Waffle Scarf knit-along. Over the course of two sessions, we’ll make a lovely textured scarf and we’ll do it using the Eastern (previously known as Russian) knitting style.

The pattern is free, you can download it from the Library of Free Knitting Resources.

The instructions explain how to make this scarf in three sizes – Child, Adult and Extra Wide and Long, but I will also show you how to make this scarf in any size you like. You can even turn it into a blanket, if you wish.

The scarf is made with yarn in DK weight and a set of 5 mm (US size 8) knitting needles. You will need 330 – 1200 meters / 360 – 1350 yards of yarn for the sizes suggested in the pattern, or more / less yarn if you decide to make this scarf bigger / smaller.

The texture is formed by a simple one-row repeat that is a mix of ribbing and garter stitch. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on honing your Eastern knitting skills and not on finding your spot in the pattern.

So, get your supplies ready and let’s get started 🙂

As you knit the second stitch of the pattern repeat, you will notice that by knitting it, we form a twisted stitch. It happens because this stitch represents the garter stitch part of this mixed stitch pattern, and garter stitch is always made up of twisted stitches in Eastern knitting. It keeps the fabric from stretching too much and it makes the garment more durable.

If you’d like to learn about other interesting features of the Eastern knitting style, consider taking the self-paced online course Eastern (Russian) Knitting Simplified.

Next time, we’ll bind off stitches and finish off our beautiful Waffle Scarf.

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Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Russian Knitting Style) | 10 rows a day
Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Russian Knitting Style) | 10 rows a day

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Happy knitting!

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