Tubular Side Edging

Tubular Side Edging

Any project with open side edges looks much better when we give its edges a special treatment. It could be as simple as adding basic slip-stitch selvedges. But if you are after a more elaborate look, add Tubular Side Edging described in this tutorial.

This edging forms lavish edges that look the same on both sides of the fabric and work great with most stitch patterns. They are perfect for finishing scarves, shawls, blankets and cardigans.

Edges like these ones are the reason why carefully made designer items look more elegant than cheap mass-produced garments, even though we might not say for sure what exactly improves the look of a project.

Here’s how you can add this gorgeous edging to your knits

Because we alternate slipping and knitting stitches, the edging is made of double knitted fabric like the one we create when we use the double knitting technique. That’s why the edge is so luscious, and that’s why it is identical on both sides of the work.

This fabric does not just look great, it also stabilizes the edges keeping them from stretching, and to some extent, even keeping the edges of stockinette-stitch-based patterns from curling.

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Tubular Side Edging | 10 rows a day
Tubular Side Edging | 10 rows a day
Tubular Side Edging | 10 rows a day

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