Tubular Bind Off Worked in the Round

Tubular Bind Off Worked in the Round

One of the best ways to finish off toe-up socks, neck bands of bottom-up sweaters, cuffs of top-down sweaters, and other seamless pieces that need an elastic edge is to bind off stitches using the tubular bind off technique.

Yes, this method is a bit tedious, but you’ve spent hours working on that project and it deserves a proper treatment of its bind off edge. It is a lot like a bang at the end of a beautiful piece of music – something that will make you proud of your work. And that feeling is well worth the extra effort we are going to put into forming this neat elastic edge.

Don’t worry – I broke down the process of making this lovely elastic edge into five simple steps. Follow these steps and you’ll master this knitting technique without any issues.

There is nothing tricky about tubular bind off, as long as we understand what we are doing. And that understanding is what I’m happy to share with you in this tutorial.

As you see, tubular bind off forms a beautiful edge on a fabric worked in any stitch pattern – even a humble stockinette stitch gets an upgrade with this edging. But, of course, this method really shines when we use it to form an elastic edge on projects worked in “knit 1, purl 1” ribbing.

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Tubular Bind Off Worked in the Round | 10 rows a day
Tubular Bind Off Worked in the Round | 10 rows a day
Tubular Bind Off Worked in the Round | 10 rows a day

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