Elastic Bind Off for 1×1 Ribbing

This tutorial is about a bind off that is ideal for finishing off “knit 1, purl 1” ribbing. It is known as an Italian or as a tubular bind off, but no matter how you call it, this way of closing stitches is definitely worth a try. It is stretchy, does not form a ridge and makes the ribbing wrap around the edge creating a beautiful polished look of a well-finished fabric.

The downside is – this bind off is a bit fiddly to make, but don’t worry, I’ll guide you through every step with detailed instructions and tips. 

A few notes before we get started:

1. This bind off is perfect for 1×1 ribbing. It works for other stitch patterns as well, but the finished look is not as nice.

2. It’s a variation of a “sewn bind off”, and that means we’ll work with a wool needle. Because a wool needle is usually sharper than a knitting needle, be careful not to split the yarn as you bind off stitches.

3. We’ll join stitches in pairs – knits to knits and purls to purls.

Now let’s get to binding off stitches! 

Enjoy the beautiful bind off edge that you’ve just created!

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Happy knitting!

Maryna Shevchenko - www.10rowsaday.com

Elastic Bind Off for 1x1 Ribbing | 10 rows a day
Elastic Bind Off for 1x1 Ribbing | 10 rows a day
Elastic Bind Off for 1x1 Ribbing | 10 rows a day