Recipe for Knitting a Top-Down Hat

If you want to knit hats without a pattern and make every hat a one of a kind creation that also fits well (a nice bonus!), I’ve got a recipe for you.

This recipe is not linked to a particular yarn,  so you can use the yarn that you already have in your stash. 

Because the recipe is based on the head measurements, it can be applied to fit any head. To make sure the hat fits well, it’s better to start knitting it from the top and down to the brim. This way we can try it on as many times as we need and adjust it (if required) while it is still on the needles.

The recipe is quite simple once you understand what you are doing.

To make it clear, I explain every step of the process and every nuance that matters in a comprehensive course that will help you learn to make top-down hats in any size with any yarn you have on hand.

How to knit a hat that fits | 10 rows a day
How to knit a top down hat | 10 rows a day
Recipe for knitting a top down hat | 10 rows a day