Teddy Lady and Teddy Dandy


Six Knitting Patterns for a Furry Friend

If you have a very special stuffed animal friend, or if you know someone who does, these stylish outfits will make you or that person incredibly happy.

I still remember how my kids’ eyes lit up when they saw their favourite toys dressed in fancy sweaters, a skirt and pants holding a tote bag and a backpack. That feeling was totally worth the few hundred meters of yarn and a few hours I spent making the garments.

Even if you don’t have time to knit the whole outfit, make a sweater or just a backpack as a one-of-a-kind gift for a kid in your life.

There are six items to choose from:

  • two sweaters that can easily be used for both “boys” and “girls” if you choose a gender-neutral colour,
  • a skirt and pants with holes at the back to accommodate for the tail (we don’t want our furry friend to be uncomfortable, right?),
  • a small tote bag and a backpack big enough to fit a candy or two.

All projects are designed specifically for stuffed animals that are about 40cm (16”) tall.

The teddy bears modelling the outfits in the photos come from a local “Build-a-Bear Workshop”. Each of them has a heart and a legitimate birth certificate 🙂


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