How to Shape Neckline Without Binding Off Stitches – E-Book


Learn a simple way to shape a sweater neckline without binding off stitches – a perfect solution in cases when you want to make the neckline more elegant and more elastic, or when you want to avoid picking up stitches from the neck edge.

Suppose you don’t like to pick up stitches from an edge of a project. Or, you want to make the neckline or any other curved part of your project more elastic. Or, you’d rather avoid the unsightly ridge that is formed when we pick up stitches to add a neckband to a bottom-up sweater.

In all these situations, the solution is the same – a way to shape the neckline without binding off stitches. It is a simple method that forms a smooth curved line outlined with a set of open stitches.

No stiff ridges and no need to pick up stitches. The neckline is as elastic as the rest of the fabric, and the stitches are lined up waiting to be turned into a neckband, a cowl neck, a hood or any other part of the garment.

This method is based on the shadow wraps short row technique, but unlike the conventional short-row neckline shaping, this type of shaping doesn’t leave even smallest holes between the rows, and it can be used in situations when we work rows without making decreases (usually at the top part of the neckline).

All the whys and hows of this method are explained in great detail with lots of step-by-step photos in this e-book.

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How to Shape Neckline Without Binding Off Stitches | 10 rows a day
How to Shape Neckline Without Binding Off Stitches | 10 rows a day
How to Shape Neckline Without Binding Off Stitches | 10 rows a day


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