Simple Mix Beanie and Cowl


Multicoloured reversible beanie and cowl with rich texture

This beanie+cowl duo is a perfect solution for staying comfortable every day during colder months. 

These projects are unisex, and the pattern explains in detailed step by step instructions how to make this beanie and cowl in four sizes – toddler, child, adult and large adult, so you can easily make a Simple Mix beanie and cowl for everyone in your family.

The beanie has a lovely fit that is loose enough to appear effortlessly chic, but not too loose to fall off your head. You can style it as a slouchy beanie or as a tuque with a wide brim. Both the beanie and the cowl are reversible, so that gives you at least four ways to wear this duo.

The cowl is not too wide and can be pulled up to protect the lower part of the face from wind and frost.

Both projects are knit with three colours, so you can choose any colour combination you like (and use up the yarns sitting in your stash!).

For a more subtle look, choose colours that are close in shade, like the shades of red used to make the beanie and cowl shown in the photos.

For a brighter look, choose more contrasting colours. That will make a cheerful duo for kids and fun-loving adults.

These projects are worked in the round from the bottom up with a faux seam at the back. The faux seam provides a smooth transition between colours and offers a neat way to carry the yarn up the work.

There is no additional seaming to do, so you can wear these projects as soon as you bind off stitches (or pull them tight at the top of the beanie), and hide the tails.

The stitch pattern is quite simple. Once you establish the pattern, working on these projects is pure joy. Changing colours and elements of helix knitting keep you from getting bored, and the simple slip stitch pattern gives the pleasure of meditative knitting.

You can use any wool yarn that has the equivalent of 150 m / 164 yds in 50 g / 1.7 oz (it is consistent with DK weight that is marked by digit 3 on the yarn label).

You will need:

for beanie: colour A – 100 (110, 120, 130) m / 110 (120, 130, 145) yds, colours B and C – 80 (90, 100, 110) m / 90 (100, 110, 120) yds each,

for cowl: colour A – 120 (130, 140, 150) m / 130 (140, 155, 165) yds, colours B and C – 105 (120, 130, 140) m / 115 (130, 145, 155) yds each.

The beanie and cowl shown in the photos are made with Knitca Delight yarn (100% superwash merino wool) in burgundy, chocolate and cardinal colours.

The pattern is supported by four video tutorials that demonstrate the techniques used to make these projects.

If you need guidance for every step of the pattern, join the Simple Mix Beanie and Cowl Knit Along.

Happy knitting 🙂


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Simple Mix Beanie and Cowl - Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Simple Mix Beanie and Cowl - Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day


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