Silesian Selvedges

Silesian Selvedges Step-by-Step

This tutorial is about a simple yet effective method that I’ve learned from Friederike – a knitter from our virtual knitting community. She kindly shared with me a way that her mother used to make the edges of her projects neat and tidy.

I tested this technique and instantly fell in love with it. This type of selvedges forms a chain of twisted stitches at each side of the fabric. The chains are identical and the edges look very similar to the ones formed by the most common way to make selvedges in Russian knitting, but they seem to be even neater and don’t stretch as much.

I don’t know the formal name for this method, but because Friederike’s Mom comes from Silesia, I called this technique Silesian Selvedges.

Let’s see how we can make these lovely edges in three (very!) simple steps.

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Silesian Selvedges | 10 rows a day
Silesian Selvedges | 10 rows a day
Silesian Selvedges | 10 rows a day

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Happy knitting!

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