Centred Double Decrease in Eastern (Russian) Knitting

Centred Double Decrease in Russian Knitting

There were no centred decreases in Eastern (previously known as Russian) knitting decades ago. At least, not according to an old Russian knitting book that explains the basics of a traditional Eastern knitting style.

Apparently, knitters were not worried about perfectly symmetrical decreases in their projects. They were more concerned about finishing their knits before the cold weather sets in. So whenever they needed to decrease two stitches, they would simply knit three stitches together.

It is a great way to shape knitted fabric, but it has a distinct slant that does not look nice in some cases. Our projects will look much neater when each double decrease is centred around one vertical stitch especially when these decreases are stacked on top of each other.

Centred Double Decrease in Russian Knitting

Here’s how we can make these beautiful decreases step by step.

If the pattern you follow instructs you to knit this stitch in the next row or purl it in the next round (to work in the garter stitch), do what our grandmothers did and simply knit three stitches together.

The perfectly centred double decrease will be lost in the texture of the garter stitch, so choose an easier way to decrease two stitches. After all, that’s what Eastern knitting is all about – simplicity and efficiency.

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Centred Double Decrease in Russian Knitting | 10 rows a day
Centred Double Decrease in Russian Knitting | 10 rows a day
Centred Double Decrease in Russian Knitting | 10 rows a day

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