Eastern (Russian) Bar Increases (KBF and KFB)

Bar Increases in Russian Knitting

When we knit using the Eastern (previously known as Russian) knitting style, the stitches have a different orientation on the needles. Unlike the stitches worked using any of the classic knitting styles, in Eastern knitting, the right leg of a stitch is at the back of the knitting needle. That’s why if we want to make an increase by knitting a stitch “front and back” we get a result that does not look like a bar increase in the classic knitting.

To make a bar increase in Eastern knitting, we should reverse the steps and knit a stitch through the back loop before we knit it through the front loop.

Here’s how we do it step by step.

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Russian Bar Increases | 10 rows a day
Russian Bar Increases | 10 rows a day
Russian Bar Increases | 10 rows a day

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