Easy Fix for Rowing Out

Easy Fix for Rowing Out

If you notice that every other row of your project is longer than its neighbours, that means your knits and purls have different tension.

It is a common issue called “rowing out”. It affects many stitch patterns, but is most visible on a fabric made in stockinette stitch.

There are a number of ways to fix rowing out – from using mismatched needles to changing to a different knitting style. Let’s talk about the easiest of those ways – the one that does not require any additional tools or any major effort on your part.

This method is a huge help when we want to eliminate rowing out in projects worked in stockinette stitch and in stitch patterns based on stockinette, like lace and basic cables.

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Maryna Shevchenko - www.10rowsaday.com

Easy Fix for Rowing Out | 10 rows a day
Easy Fix for Rowing Out | 10 rows a day
Easy Fix for Rowing Out | 10 rows a day