Rope Bag

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Knitting pattern with step-by-step photos that show how to knit a roomy shoulder bag with thick rope.

This trendy tote will serve you well as an everyday carry-all bag that is big enough to hold all the necessities you need during the day (a knitting project, a good book, a water bottle and a bar of chocolate :-). 

It holds the shape well and will look great regardless of how many chocolate bars you carry around. 

You can knit this bag with any cord or rope that is around 5 mm / 0.2″ in diameter (the bag in the photo is made with the rope I got from a dollar store). It takes 90 m / 99 yds of rope to make the bag like the one shown in the photos.

The pattern explains in great detail how to knit this bag, how to line it and how to make three different types of handles.

Rope Bag Knitting Pattern

Every step is shown in clear close-up photos (there are 40 step by step photos in this pattern).

There are also links to the video tutorials that show techniques used in this project.

The size of the bag is 33 cm / 13” x 39 cm / 15” with the handles  76 cm / 30” long. The pattern also explains how to make this bag in any size you like.

The pattern is supported by four video tutorials that demonstrate the techniques used to make these projects.

Happy knitting 🙂


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This pattern is a part of the Knitting Collection #3. Once you order your copy of this collection, you will instantly receive this and five other patterns, one e-book and a “big PDF” (315 pages!) with 51 in-depth photo tutorials included in the collection, so go ahead and get it all right now before you forget 😊

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Rope Bag - Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Rope Bag - Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Rope Bag - Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day

1 review for Rope Bag

  1. Lauren A

    Perfect deju vu
    When I saw this pattern in Maryna’s Friday email, I instantly fell in love. This was almost the exact bag (though in cream with a cable down the middle) that my grandmother had made for me when I was a teenager. I don’t know where that bag went, but here is the pattern for me to make my own! Thanks, Maryna!

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