Reversible Cables

If you like cables (who doesn’t? :-)) and you use them in scarves, cowls and blankets, chances are you are secretly hoping that the wind won’t flip the ends of your scarf, that the cowl always stays with only the right side of the work visible, and the guests praising your gorgeous cabled blanket won’t turn it over.

Why? Because despite all the beauty, the cables have one significant flaw – they don’t look good on the wrong side of the work. When we make sweaters, hats and mitts, it’s not a big deal. The wrong side of the work is not usually visible.

But when we add cables to reversible projects like scarves, cowls and blankets, this flaw turns into a big issue.

The good news is – it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. There is a simple trick that will help you turn any kind of a regular cable into a reversible one.

Before getting to that “magic trick” let’s try to understand WHY most cables don’t look nice on one side. The answer is simple – because they are based on stockinette stitch, that is not reversible itself. 

Here comes a logical conclusion – to make a cable pattern reversible, you need to base it on a reversible stitch like ribbing. Ta-dam! No magic involved.


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Happy knitting!

Maryna Shevchenko -

How to make a cable reversible | 10 rows a day
Reversible cables | 10 rows a day
How to make a cable reversible | 10 rows a day
How to make a cable look the same on both sides | 10 rows a day
How to make a cable look the same on both sides | 10 rows a day