Neat Side Edges – Softcover

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Uneven side edges instantly downgrade any knitting project.

This is especially true for projects with open edges like blankets, scarves and cardigans.

I wrote this book to make sure this unpleasant issue never happens to YOUR knits.

The book describes twelve ways to keep the side edges neat and tidy, starting with simple one-stitch selvedges and moving to fancier decorative edgings.

You will also discover two ways to fix dropped edge stitches, a simple way to improve the side edges after the project is finished, and the best way to make decreases and increases without messing up the look of the edging.

Aside from providing all this helpful information, I did my best to make this book easy to read and easy to navigate. The book has a clean design with an easy-to-see font placed on a contrasting background.

The generous white margins make the layout feel less crowded. They are also useful if you decide to add notes.

If you prefer to keep quick reminders of each type of edging in your knitting bag, feel free to cut out Quick Reference Cards placed at the end of each chapter. They are designed specifically for this purpose.

There are lots of close-up photos throughout the book to help you master each method with no confusion. By the time the manuscript was finished, it occurred to me that this is a kind of a “picture book for knitters”. I really like this concept because it makes learning so much easier. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Product details:

Format : Softcover
Print length : 130 pages
Dimensions : 25.4 x 17.8 cm / 7 x 10 in
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-7386402-0-1
Year of publication : 2022

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Neat Side Edges - Simple Ways to Keep the Edges of Your Knitted Projects Nice and Tidy | 10 rows a day
Neat Side Edges - Simple Ways to Keep the Edges of Your Knitted Projects Nice and Tidy | 10 rows a day
Neat Side Edges - Simple Ways to Keep the Edges of Your Knitted Projects Nice and Tidy | 10 rows a day
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7 reviews for Neat Side Edges – Softcover

  1. Dori B

    I’m delighted to report that I found the book very interesting, useful, well laid out and the instructions clear and easy to understand (I tried out a few of the techniques I’m not familiar with). I think the reference cards are genius – I would certainly use them. I’m sure knitters of all abilities will find this book an inspiring and helpful resource.

  2. Mary P

    This comprehensive collection of ways to get neater edges is delightful. The instructions are very clear. The step by step pictures are helpful. This book is arranged logically and is easy to use. A great resource, even for the highly skilled knitter.

  3. Nancy B

    I am an experienced knitter of many years. I read through your book on my lunch break last week, and was able to follow the steps and understand everything pretty well. There are some techniques I was already familiar with, but some were new to me. I knit up some swatches over the weekend, and anything that was not clear to me from just reading became clear once I tried them with yarn and needles!

    I think your simple instructions and photographs are (always) very helpful and should be easy for knitters of most skill levels to follow. I love that you included picking up dropped-edge stitches! I know how defeating that can feel – as you say, a tangled mess of loops with no other choice than to unknit rows until you get back to the drop and start again. But now you don’t have to! I have a few friends that are very beginning knitters and I will keep this trick in my bag when they come to me for help. I have also pointed them in the direction of your YouTube channel for tips and tricks.

    Thank you again – for your continuing and very helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks.

  4. Terry M

    This book is very well written, and should be the go-to book for any knitter, whether a beginner or an experienced knitter. The pictures help to explain each step perfectly, in conjunction with clear and precise descriptions.
    I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

  5. Sally O.

    I haven’t come across a previous book dedicated to this topic, and I wish I’d owned it years ago. There were a number of suggestions I wasn’t familiar with. I found the instructions totally clear and the photos very helpful.

  6. Pauline H.

    I have read the book several times now, and can honestly say that it is a perfect companion for knitters at all levels – from beginners to the more experienced ones.
    The illustrations that accompany the instructions are clear and concise, easily understood and the yellow colour of the wool particularly stands out, making each stitch clear to see.
    The chapters are well laid out, with just the right amount of information. The tear out guide sheets are a fabulous addition, as these can be kept easily to hand with your knitting to quickly refer to.
    Overall, I think that this is a very much needed resource for many knitters, and I will be encouraging my fellow crafters to seek this book out. I know that I will find it extremely useful and look forward to accomplishing a neater finish on my selvedges from now on.

  7. Becky

    What a great book! You have the best way of describing and showing these techniques to us. As I read, I can hear you voice gently explaining, and it is very comforting. You make me feel more expert. Hug yourself for us all. 😍

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