Knitting Tutorials

Here are some of the knitting tutorials I've created over the years. I make a new tutorial every week and email it to everyone who is subscribed to my newsletter.

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Knitting Tips

How to Read Knitting Charts 

How to Make Sure Your Finished Knits Fit

Knitting Help

Unwanted Holes in Knitting - Five Reasons Why They Appear, How to Avoid Them and How to Fix Them 

How to Fix a Dropped Stitch Without a Crochet Hook

Knitting Basics

Make 1 Left and Make 1 Right Without Confusion 

Simple Way to Weave in Tails as You Knit

Continental Knitting

How to Hold Yarn and Adjust Tension in Continental Knitting - Step by Step 

How to Knit, Purl and Bind Off Stitches in Continental Knitting - Step by Step

Cast Ons and Bind Offs

Three Ways to Cast On Stitches at the Beginning of a Row 

I-Cord Bind off - 2 Ways, 3 Variations

Colour Knitting

Easy Way to Knit Fair Isle and Other Stranded Colourwork in the Round and Flat 

Three Ways to Attach a New Colour to a Project

14 free tutorials to improve your knitting skills | 10 rows a day
Free knitting tutorials | 10 rows a day