Matching Cast Ons and Bind Offs, Part 1 – Softcover – Bulk

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Subtle elements like matching cast on and bind off edges make our projects look like well-finished designer knits.

This book describes six pairs of cast on and bind off methods that form identical edges on projects worked flat and in the round.

These methods will help you to take your knitted creations to a new level, and the detailed step-by-step instructions supported by numerous close-up photos will make the process of mastering these methods easy and smooth.

Aside from providing all this helpful information, I did my best to make this book easy to read and easy to navigate. The book has a clean design with an easy-to-see font placed on a contrasting background.

The generous white margins make the layout feel less crowded. They are also useful if you decide to add notes.

When you are choosing a perfect cast on and bind off for your project, you will be able to easily assess each method by looking at the close-up photo and the icons depicting the elasticity, the level of difficulty and the tools used to work each method. All that at-a-glance information is provided on the title page of each matching cast on and bind off duo.

If you need a quick reminder of the steps involved in performing each method, cut out the quick reference cards available at the end of each chapter, and keep those cards on hand as you add matching edges to your project.

There are lots of step-by-step photos throughout the book to help you master each method with no confusion. It looks a lot like a “picture book for knitters”. I really like this concept because it makes learning so much easier. I hope you will find it helpful.

Product details:

Format : Softcover
Print length : 168 pages
Dimensions : 25.4 x 17.8 cm / 7 x 10 in
Language : English
ISBN : 978-1-7386402-2-5
Year of publication : 2023

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1 review for Matching Cast Ons and Bind Offs, Part 1 – Softcover – Bulk

  1. Andrea Miller

    A jewel of a book, absolutely excellent in its selection of successful pairings of cast on and bind off, beautifully illustrated with clean graphics and thoughtfully organized to have all the needed information ready for the knitter at the outset. I am excited to try these on my next sweater projects. Thank you, Maryna!

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