Matching Cast Ons and Bind Offs

A two-part book about various ways
to make cast on and bind off edges of our projects
look exactly the same.

This two-part book is a collection of methods that form identical cast on and bind off edges. It describes twelve cast on + bind off duos (six duos in each part of the book), from the basic chain-looking edges to the more elaborate decorative ones.

In the first part of this book, we talk about the most basic pairs of matching cast ons and bind offs – methods that are not flashy, but add subtle vibe of a well-finished garment.

We also discuss ways to make the edges of our projects more prominent by adding different kinds of i-cord – regular i-cord, purl i-cord and a skinnier variation of the regular i-cord that adds a lovely braid to the cast on and bind off edges of our projects.

The digital version of this book is a part of the Knitting Collection #7. Once you order your copy of this collection, the link to the book will be sent to you in the “Downloads” section of the order confirmation.

You will also receive a “big PDF” (282 pages!) with 38 knitting tutorials included in the collection, as well as two e-books and one knitting pattern, so go ahead and get it all right now before you forget 🙂

In the second part of this book, we’ll talk about pairs of matching cast on and bind off methods that turn the edges of our projects into decorative elements. These are the edges that transform even a most basic of projects into an exquisite creation.

We’ll see how we can make the picot edging that designers add to their most well-crafted knits. Then we’ll take the idea of decorative edgings one step further when we discuss edges formed by criss-cross and scalloped cast on and bind off methods.

Finally, we’ll talk about the edges that do not look like edges. They do not end at the top or at the bottom of a project. Rather, they seem to be flowing around the fabric continuously.

The second part of this book is scheduled to be published in November 2024.

Matching Cast Ons and Bind Offs | 10 rows a day
Matching Cast Ons and Bind Offs | 10 rows a day