How to Make a Lazy Pompom and Attach it to a Hat

Who doesn’t like pompoms, right? They look great on hats, scarves, bags, even on blankets and ponchos. They can be used in home decor and as a rainy project for kids.

There is a simple way to make a pompom of almost any size out of any yarn without any special tools. All you need is your hands, yarn and scissors. That’s why they call it a “lazy pompom” 🙂

Get your supplies ready and let’s make a lovely messy lazy pompom! 

The pompom I’ll be making in this tutorial will finish off the top down hat I knitted a few weeks ago, so I’ll use the same chunky wool in a golden yellow colour.

For more ideas on how to use a pompom, take a look at this board I created on Pinterest. My favourite project in that collection is the pompom bookmark. I plan to make a few of those over the weekend 🙂

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Happy knitting!

Maryna Shevchenko -

How to make a lazy pompom and attach it to a hat | 10 rows a day
Two ways to attach a pompom to a hat | 10 rows a day
How to make a lazy pompom | 10 rows a day