Latvian Braid in Three Simple Steps

Latvian Braid in Three Simple Steps

Latvian braid is a great way to spike our knits with a touch of colour. It adds just enough decoration to turn even the simplest projects into eye-catching ones without making them too flashy.

Traditionally, these braids are added to seamless hats, mittens, socks and other projects worked in the round. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t decorate projects worked flat with these lovely braids. We can.

In this tutorial, we’ll see how we can make Latvian braids when we work in the round and back and forth.

In most cases, the Latvian braid looks like a set of arrows pointing to the right. But we can easily change the direction of the arrows by the way we twist the yarns in the braid-forming rounds and rows.

When you work in the round, bring the strands one over the other in round 2 and one from underneath the other in round 3. When working back and forth, bring the strands one from underneath the other in rows 2 and 3 of the pattern.

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Latvian Braid in Three Simple Steps | 10 rows a day
Latvian Braid in Three Simple Steps | 10 rows a day
Latvian Braid in Three Simple Steps | 10 rows a day