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Video Tutorials
Bind Off That Matches Picot Cast On (4:17 minutes)
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Great Way to Attach Buttons to Your Knits (7:18 minutes)
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Simple Way to Get Perfect Tension in Stranded Knitting (2:13 minutes)
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Easy Way to Make Neat Cables Without a Cable Needle (4:59 minutes)
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Bind Off That Keeps Edges From Curling (3:00 minutes)
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Tiny Hearts Lace (6:51 minutes)
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Sure Way to Prevent Ladders Between the Needles (4:12 minutes)
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Quick Overview of Dictionary of Knitting Symbols and Abbreviations (1:03 minutes)
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How to Knit Two-Colour Cables (4:53 minutes)
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Neater Alternative to Purl 2 Together (1:52 minutes)
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Lovely Delicate Edging for Shawls, Blankets and Cardigans (2:43 minutes)
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Braided Bind Off Worked Flat and in the Round (7:47 minutes)
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Knit 5 Together - Two Easy Ways (3:03 minutes)
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Join Yarn Without Leaving Tails to Weave In (2:54 minutes)
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Multicoloured Chevron + Three Ways to Deal with Yarn Tails (4:10 minutes)
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Invisible Way to Join Open Stitches to Cast On Edge (2:50 minutes)
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Quick Introduction to Fringed Wrap and Fringed Cowl Patterns (0:48 minutes)
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Simple Way to Attach a Button Band As You Knit (5:09 minutes)
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Droplets Bind Off in Five Simple Steps (3:14 minutes)
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24 thoughts on “All Tutorials 2022”

    1. Hello, Joy. It seems that you’ve successfully got to the club dashboard. That means that you’ve entered the correct password. Thank you for joining the club πŸ™‚

  1. I purchased the 2022 tutorial club and did not receive the usual email with my passcode. Can you please advise me, Ty

  2. Today I had to “knit back” about 3 rows of 120 stitches in the round. I was going to use Maryna’s advice about using the double-pointed needles (or circular) on the back side of the fabric. However, my project was in a pattern. Her clever advice about knitting fair isle in the round inside out came in handy! I turned my project inside out and therefore could see the pattern exactly and knew when to stop back knitting back to where I had made a glaring error! So not only did I learn that fair isle trick, it prompted a solution to the knitting back problem. As an intermediate knitter, I am so thankful for all of the tutorials.

    1. My dear Barbara, What a great idea to use the inside-out Fair Isle method to help clearly see the stitches when unraveling a few rounds! Hats off to your creativity, my friend πŸ™‚

  3. wondering if you might have some tips for newbies on tension. I started learning to knit this past August 2021, and have literally tried every style/way to knit. I can not find a way to knit that makes me happy. so because of that, i have still yet to make anything. lol. i’m good with tension on casting on, my problem is tension on the stitches, they are super tight even when I make myself try to be loser. I can not find a way to help me with tension. i know practice makes perfect, but like i said, ive been β€œpracticing since August so right at 7 months and still can not do it! Do you have any tips tp help us tight knitting beginners? plz help, i want to knit so badly! i can crochet anything in the world w great tension so i tried holding the yarn like i do while crocheting but its still not working. What am i doing wrong? Any idea?

    1. My dear Christy, I had a very similar issue with my tension when I just started to knit as a little girl. My stitches were so tight that I couldn’t even slide them on the needle. It looked ridiculous and my sister was making fun of me. One day I decided to prove her wrong and I deliberately made each stitch as big as possible as I was knitting. The little piece of fabric that I made looked a lot like a fishing net. Surprisingly enough, once I started to knit normally after this exercise, my tension improved and very soon I found “my tension” that was not too tight and not too loose. I hope that this method that I discovered accidentally will help you as well – make a swatch and try to make each stitch as big as possible as you knit it. Because you are a crocheter, you will probably find it more comfortable to work with the yarn in your left hand (the Continental or Russian knitting style). Here’s a video that shows my version of holding yarn and adjusting tension in Continental knitting – Here’s a tutorial that describes an alternative way to hold yarn in the left hand – Good luck, my friend πŸ™‚ Maryna

    1. Hi Sue. The members of the Club 2022 get access to the PDF versions of all tutorials published in 2022, all e-books and patterns published in 2022 and they can watch all video tutorials published this year without ads. They also get a 25% discount on all other e-books, patterns, courses and collections of tutorials, including courses about Russian Knitting and Top-Down Hats. This discount is valid for the whole year of 2022. Happy knitting, my friend πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Linda, the link to the PDF with the tutorial about 2-colour cables is the last link in the “Tutorials” section. Happy knitting πŸ™‚

  4. I received a notice for a tutorial by email; there was a link to it which I clicked and it sent me to a page on your site where I have to scroll and scroll and look and search, when all I wanted was the tutorial. You should fix that. Nobody has the time.

    1. My dear Pamela, Each newsletter has a direct link to the PDF to help you download the full tutorial right away without even going to the Club dashboard. Happy knitting, my friend πŸ™‚

  5. The Hidden knot of joining two yarns without weaving tails is amazing! thank you SO much! And thank you for all you videos and teaching lessons. I really like that you test everything with all kinds of yarns and techniques.

    1. Thank you, Peg πŸ™‚ I’m really glad that you like this way of joining yarn. Happy knitting, my friend! Maryna

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