Collection of Knitting Tutorials, Year Four

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A collection of 50 knitting tutorials published in year four (2020).

This is a collection of all tutorials published in the fourth year of the 10 Rows a Day project (2020). There are 42 video tutorials and 50 detailed photo tutorials for beginners and more advanced knitters. The topics range from helpful knitting tips to different ways to increase and decrease stitches and make beautiful edges (see “Tutorials included in this collection” below for the full list of tutorials).

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What’s included

42 Videos (9 h 23 min) | 50 PDFs (379 pages)

Tutorials Included in This Collection
Great Way to Seam Slip Stitch Edges (10 pages)

Perfect Way to Shape Armholes (11 pages)

Simple Way to Knit Brioche Stitch in the Round (7 pages)

Two-Colour Garter Stitch Worked in the Round and Flat (12 pages)

How to Improve the Look of a Knitted Sweater (5 pages)

Simple Way to Make Tubular Cast On in the Round (8 pages)

Flat Vertical Seam for Reverse Stockinette Stitch (9 pages)

How to Fix Loose Stitches (9 pages)

Simple Way to Measure Gauge on Fine Knits (Without Squinting!) (6 pages)

How to Cast On Stitches and Shape the Toe Part of a Toe-Up Sock (4 pages)

How to Shape the Heel of a Toe-Up Sock (4 pages)

How to Make a Cuff and Bind Off Stitches of a Low-Cut Toe-Up Sock (4 pages)

Regular and Reverse Yarn Over (7 pages)

How to Knit Two Toe-Up Socks at the Same Time (15 pages)

How to Join Knitted Squares and Panels to Make Blankets and Other Reversible Projects (7 pages)

A Way to Hold Yarn That is Gentle on Fingers – Continental Knitting (5 pages)

Three Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Yarn Tail When Using Long-Tail Cast On (9 pages)

Three Ways to Do the Long-Tail Cast On (11 pages)

Things to Remember When Working with Bamboo Yarn (7 pages)

How to Knit Perfectly Jogless Stripes (9 pages)

Elastic Bind Off for 1×1 Ribbing (8 pages)

Simple Way to Make Beautiful Side Edges (8 pages)

Two Simple Ways to Increase Stitches Without a Hole (8 pages)

Simple Way to Fix Gap in the Bind Off Edge Worked in the Round (5 pages)

Two Ways to Knit in the Round With Two Circular Needles (9 pages)

How to Improve Side Edges After the Project is Finished (11 pages)

Everyday Tee Knit-Along, Part 1 - How to Cast on Stitches, Work in the Round with Two Colours and Make Perfectly Jogless Stripes (4 pages)

Everyday Tee Knit-Along, Part 2 - How to Shape the Sleeves, Make the Sleeves Longer and Add a Neat Edging to the Top Part of the Tee (3 pages)

Everyday Tee Knit-Along, Part 3 - How to Shape Neckline with Short Rows (2 pages)

Everyday Tee Knit-Along, Part 4 - How to Make Shoulder Seams Without Seaming, Finish the Neckline and Beautify the Project (3 pages)

Simple Way to Make Sure Your Gauge is Correct (5 pages)

Beautiful Edging for Hats, Shawls, Blankets and Sweaters (6 pages)

Beautiful Cast On Edging for Hats, Mittens and Socks (7 pages)

Simple Way to Prevent Holes in Gussets and Underarms (8 pages)

How to Improve Knitting Tension (5 pages)

Criss-Cross Bind Off Edging Worked Flat and in the Round (14 pages)

How to Make Flexible Snag-Free Stitch Markers That Could Be Adjusted to Different Needle Sizes (9 pages)

Simple Way to Figure Out How Many Stitches to Cast On Without Any Calculations (6 pages)

Simple Way to Increase Stitches and Create Beautiful Texture (7 pages)

Right-Slanting and Left-Slanting Decreases in Brioche Stitch (11 pages)

How to Knit Brioche Stitch with Two or More Colours (9 pages)

Easy Way to Add Beads to a Knitting Project (7 pages)

Simplified Way to Knit Tucks (8 pages)

Simple Way to Start Knitting from the Centre (7 pages)

Santa Boot Cuffs Pattern for the Learn-to-Knit Course (6 pages)

Learn to Knit While You Make Santa Boot Cuffs - Detailed Mini-Course (24 pages)

Eastern (Russian) Version of Sewn Bind Off - Worked Flat and in the Round (10 pages)

Simple Way to Make a Knitted Greeting Card (8 pages)

Printable Template for One Knitted Greeting Card (1 page)

Printable Template for Two Knitted Greeting Cards (1 page)

+ 42 Video Tutorials That Accompany These Tutorials

Collection of Knitting Tutorials | 10 rows a day
All Tutorials Club | 10 rows a day
All Tutorials Club | 10 rows a day

2 reviews for Collection of Knitting Tutorials, Year Four

  1. Julie Krystal Trnavsky

    I’m 63 and have been knitting off and on most of my life. I have a number of knitting encyclopedias and a great collection of books. I study my knitting and have mastered Continental, European, Russian & combined knitting. I’m always learning more techniques and these tutorials are fabulous. I highly recommend for all levels of knitting experience levels!

  2. Vikki

    This is wonderful! I’ve learned some new techniques and improved on some I was struggling with. Thank you, Maryna!

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