Knitting Collection #5

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A collection of 47 detailed photo tutorials, 45 video tutorials and three knitting patterns.

This collection includes:

  • 47 detailed photo tutorials available separately and in one big 336-page PDF that you can store on your device for quick reference
  • 45 video tutorials
  • three knitting patterns

The tutorials are intended for knitters of all skill levels – from beginners to seasoned knitters.

The topics range from helpful knitting tips to different ways to increase and decrease stitches and make beautiful edges (see “Tutorials and Patterns Included in This Collection” below for the full table of contents).

When you purchase this collection, you’ll receive a link to the dashboard along with your personal password.

The access instructions are in a PDF.
Click the link “Access to the Knitting Collection #5” under “Download” in the order confirmation to download the PDF with instructions.
It contains the link to the dashboard and your personal password.

Your access to the dashboard does not expire, so feel free to download the tutorials and patterns whenever you need them.


What’s included

45 Videos (3 h 44 min) | 51 PDFs (694 pages)


Tutorials and Patterns Included in This Collection

All tutorials in one e-book (336 pages)

German Short Rows Step by Step (6 pages)

How to Cast On Stitches in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (7 pages)

Simple Way to See How Yarn Colours Go Together (4 pages)

Slip-Stitch 2×2 Ribbing Worked Flat and in the Round (8 pages)

Two Simple Ways to Make Paired Increases Without Holes (8 pages)

How to Hold Yarn and Knit Stitches in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (7 pages)

Two Ways to Make Multicoloured Pom-Poms Without a Pom-Pom Maker (10 pages)

How to Purl Stitches in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (7 pages)

Easy Way to Count Rows Between Cables (4 pages)

Simple Way to Make a Lace Pattern Reversible and Keep It from Curling at the Edges (5 pages)

Simple Way to Make a Right-Slanting Decrease That is Neater than K2Tog
(5 pages)

Simple Way to Cross Two Stitches With and Without a Cable Needle (12 pages)

How to Make Neat Side Edges in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (5 pages)

Scotch Darning (12 pages)

Invisible Horizontal Seam for Garter Stitch (9 pages)

Brioche Selvedges (8 pages)

Fixing Dropped Edge Stitches in Three Simple Steps (7 pages)

How to Make Twisted Stitches in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (6 pages)

Five Ways to Attach a New Ball of Yarn (12 pages)

The Easiest Way to Do Judy’s Magic Cast On (8 pages)

Simple Way to Make Any Rib Stitch Neater (6 pages)

Easy Way to Hold Yarn for Stranded Knitting – English and Continental (6 pages)

Ten Ways to Improve Stranded Knitting (10 pages)

Beautiful Cast-On Border (5 pages)

Centred Double Decrease in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (7 pages)

How to Pick Up Dropped Stitches in Garter Stitch (9 pages)

Neater and Quicker Way to Make an SSK Decrease (5 pages)

Quick Way to Make Your Knits Neater (5 pages)

Eastern (Russian) Bar Increases (KBF and KFB (7 pages)

How to Fix a Dropped Edge Stitch in Both Types of Garter Stitch (13 pages)

Two Ways to Make
a Centred One-Stitch Decrease (11 pages)

Honeycomb Brioche Stitch Step by Step (12 pages)

How to Knit Honeycomb Brioche Stitch in the Round (12 pages)

Quick and Easy Way to Neatly Join Yarn Without Knots (6 pages)

How to Bind Off Stitches in Eastern (Russian) Knitting (7 pages)

Waffle Scarf Pattern (4 pages)

Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Eastern Knitting Style) – Part 1 (6 pages)

Waffle Scarf Knit-Along (Eastern Knitting Style) – Part 2 (11 pages)

Neat Way to Decrease Stitches in 1×1 Ribbing (6 pages)

Silesian Selvedges (4 pages)

Shadow Wrap Short Rows in Garter Stitch (6 pages)

Simple Way to Reinforce Sock Heels and Toes (4 pages)

Tubular Bind Off Worked in the Round (11 pages)

The Easiest Way to Make I-Cord Selvedges (5 pages)

Easy Picot Cast On Step by Step (5 pages)

Easy Vintage Colour Pattern (7 pages)

+ 45 Video Tutorials That Accompany These Tutorials


Binary Socks Knitting Pattern (8 pages)

Brigitte Beret Knitting Pattern (8 pages)

Waffle Scarf Knitting Pattern (4 pages)

Collection of Knitting Tutorials | 10 rows a day
All Tutorials Club | 10 rows a day
All Tutorials Club | 10 rows a day

2 reviews for Knitting Collection #5

  1. Peggy J Eamer

    Hi Maryna, I have been getting your email tips for about a year and decided to take the plunge and joint your club. I am looking forward to all the great knitting tips and tutorials!

    • Maryna

      Thank you so much, Peggy! Welcome to the club 🙂

  2. Fey

    I felt since I am always watching your fantastic tutorials that I needed to support you so you can keep making them.
    Of course I also have to buy a couple of patterns!
    Thank you for all you do to help knitters find success in their projects!!

    • Maryna

      My dear Fey, thank you so very much for your support. I appreciate it a lot 🙂 It means the world to me to know that my tutorials help you find better ways to knit. Happy knitting, my friend!

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