Knitting Collection #4

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A collection of 48 in-depth photo tutorials, 42 video tutorials, one e-book and two knitting patterns.

This collection includes all tutorials, e-books and patterns published in 2020:

  • 48 in-depth photo tutorials available separately and in one big 351-page PDF that you can store on your device for quick reference
  • 42 ad-free video tutorials
  • one e-book
  • two knitting patterns (including Everyday Tee pattern)

The tutorials are intended for knitters of all skill levels – from beginners to seasoned knitters.

The topics range from quick knitting tips to finishing techniques and various ways to work with several colours (see “Tutorials, E-Books and Patterns Included in This Collection” below for the full table of contents).

When you purchase this collection, you’ll receive direct download links to the PDF files with all tutorials, e-books and patterns, as well as the link to the dashboard along with your personal password.

The access instructions are in a PDF.
Click the link “Access to the Knitting Collection #4” under “Download” in the order confirmation to download the PDF with instructions.
It contains the link to the dashboard and your personal password.

Your access to the dashboard does not expire, so feel free to download the tutorials, patterns and e-books whenever you need them.

What’s included

Click the blue button below to see the full list of tutorials, e-books and patterns included in this collection.

42 Videos (9 h 37 min) | 52 PDFs (744 pages)

If you are a member of the current Annual Club, remember to use your special coupon code (you’ll find it in the club dashboard) to save 25% when you purchase this collection.

Collection of Knitting Tutorials | 10 rows a day
All Tutorials Club | 10 rows a day
All Tutorials Club | 10 rows a day

2 reviews for Knitting Collection #4

  1. Julie Krystal Trnavsky

    I’m 63 and have been knitting off and on most of my life. I have a number of knitting encyclopedias and a great collection of books. I study my knitting and have mastered Continental, European, Russian & combined knitting. I’m always learning more techniques and these tutorials are fabulous. I highly recommend for all levels of knitting experience levels!

  2. Vikki

    This is wonderful! I’ve learned some new techniques and improved on some I was struggling with. Thank you, Maryna!

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