Knitting Collection #3

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A collection of 51 detailed photo tutorials, 39 ad-free video tutorials, one e-book and six knitting patterns.

This collection includes:

  • 51 detailed photo tutorials
  • 39 ad-free video tutorials
  • one e-book
  • six knitting patterns

The tutorials are intended for knitters of all skill levels – from beginners to seasoned knitters.

The topics range from quick knitting tips to finishing techniques and various ways to work with several colours (see “Tutorials, E-Books and Patterns Included in This Collection” below for the full table of contents).

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What’s included

39 Videos (4 h 35 min) | 58 PDFs (388 pages)

Tutorials, E-Books and Patterns Included in This Collection

Two Ways to Make a Cast on That Matches Regular Bind off (10 pages)

The Best Bind off for 1x1 Ribbing (8 pages)

How to Substitute Yarn in Three Simple Steps (5 pages)

Yarn Substitution Chart (1 page)

How to Knit Plaid (11 pages)

Chart for Two-Colour Plaid Pattern (1 page)

How to Knit in the Round with Five Double-Pointed Needles (8 pages)

How to Knit Two-Colour Brioche Stitch (7 pages)

How to Undo Knitting from the Cast on Edge (7 pages)

Two-Colour Brioche Worked in the Round (7 pages)

Three Ways to Knit Cables Without a Cable Needle (18 pages)

Simple Way to Fix Side Edges in a Finished Project (11 pages)

How to Make an Invisible Cast On for Seamless Projects (11 pages)

Braided Bind Off Worked in the Round and Flat (9 pages)

Five Ways to Neatly Bind Off the Last Stitch (13 pages)

How to Knit with Doubled Needles (8 pages)

Simple Way to Lengthen Sleeves of a Finished Sweater (8 pages)

How to Make Dryer Balls - Step by Step (9 pages)

The Neatest Way to Decrease Two Stitches (4 pages)

Simple Way to Make a Beautiful Edging (5 pages)

Centred Double Increase - Step by Step (5 pages)

Quick Reference Card - Blocking (1 page)

Three Ways to Cast On Stitches at the Beginning of a Row (9 pages)

Quick Reference Card - Kitchener Stitch (1 page)

Triple Leaf Edging - Step by Step (14 pages)

Stitch Pattern Card - Herringbone Stripes (1 page)

Bulgarian Cast On Step by Step (6 pages)

Yarn Over Bind Off (4 pages)

How to Attach a New Colour to a Project - Three Ways (8 pages)

Do We HAVE to Make a Swatch Before We Start a Knitting Project? (4 pages)

Slip Stitch Selvedges (4 pages)

Elongated Lace Step by Step (8 pages)

How to Convert Stitch Patterns for Working in the Round (8 pages)

Worksheet for Converting Stitch Patterns (1 page)

Icelandic Bind Off - Step by Step (5 pages)

How to Increase or Decrease Stitches Evenly Across a Row (5 pages)

The Most Versatile Knitting Seam (14 pages)

Issues with Seed Stitch and How to Avoid Them (5 pages)

Make One Left and Make One Right - Step by Step (6 pages)

Differences Between American (US) and British (UK) Knitting Terms (1 page)

Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart (1 page)

Beautiful Mirrored Decreases for Raglan Lines and Other Types of Tapered Shaping (6 pages)

Simple Way to Make an Elastic Cast on Edge (8 pages)

3D Cubes - Highly Textured Stitch Pattern (8 pages)

Horizontal One-Row Buttonhole in Five Simple Steps (9 pages)

How to Make Sure You Finish All Knitting Projects You Start (4 pages)

Knitting Time Calculator (1 page)

Lifted Increases Step by Step (5 pages)

How to Knit Blankets and Scarves in Any Size With Any Yarn (9 pages)

Friendly Blanket Pattern (4 pages)

Simple Way to Make a Soft All-Natural Sock Yarn (4 pages)

The Easiest Stretchy Bind Off for Ribbing (5 pages)

+ 39 Video Tutorials That Accompany These Tutorials


Top 15 Tips for Beginner Knitters (15 pages)


Cozy Blanket Scarf Knitting Pattern (4 pages)

Friendly Blanket Knitting Pattern (4 pages)

Rope Bag Knitting Pattern (14 pages)

Simple Mix Beanie and Cowl Knitting Pattern (8 pages)

Sneaker Socks Knitting Pattern (8 pages)

Snowflake Baby Hat Knitting Pattern (4 pages)

2 reviews for Knitting Collection #3

  1. William D

    Maryna Is A Master Knitter & Superb Teacher
    I just joined the Maryna’s club today, but I feel confident in writing a five-star review based on the tutorials I have watched on YouTube and the free PDFs I have downloaded. All video tutorials are immaculately presented in a most professional manner: the camera work is as clear as can be, and Maryna’s instructions are precise and easily understood. The downloadable PDFs are equally crystal-clear, easily comprehensible, and visually pleasing. In all of Maryna’s presentations that I have viewed, she exudes kindness, generosity, and a calm, quiet enthusiasm that I find truly inspiring. She is indeed a master knitter and a superb teacher. The course is great value for the money, and I am pleased to be able to support Maryna’s excellent work.

  2. Kiran G

    Very pleased.
    I expected this course to be useful and very well presented and that’s exactly what it is. I have taken up knitting again after a long break and found 10 Rows A Day to be the best resource for information on new (to me) techniques and my work has improved because of it.

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It contains the link to the course dashboard and your personal password.