Knitting Collection #2


A collection of 42 detailed photo tutorials, two e-books and three knitting patterns.

This collection includes:

  • 42 detailed photo tutorials available separately and in one big 304-page PDF that you can store on your device for quick reference
  • two e-books
  • three knitting patterns

The tutorials are intended for knitters of all skill levels – from beginners to seasoned knitters.

The topics range from quick knitting tips to finishing techniques and various ways to work with several colours (see “Tutorials, E-Books and Patterns Included in This Collection” below for the full table of contents).

When you purchase this collection, you’ll receive a link to the dashboard along with your personal password.

The access instructions are in a PDF.
Click the link “Access to the Knitting Collection #2” under “Download” in the order confirmation to download the PDF with instructions.
It contains the link to the dashboard and your personal password.

Your access to the dashboard does not expire, so feel free to download the tutorials, patterns and e-books whenever you need them.

What’s included

52 PDFs (649 pages)

Tutorials, E-Books and Patterns Included in This Collection

All tutorials in one e-book (304 pages)

I-Cord Bind off - Two Ways, Three Variations (5 pages)

Japanese Bobbles (5 pages)

How to Seam Knits with Square Chain Stitch (9 pages)

How to Knit an I-Cord Edging (8 pages)

How to Decorate Knits with Cross Stitch (8 pages)

Lace Hearts Stitch (6 pages)

Russian Grafting - an Alternative to Kitchener Stitch (7 pages)

Horizontal Seam Without "Seaming" (6 pages)

Nifty Beanie - Pattern for a Stripy Hat in Toddler Size (5 pages)

Purled I-Cord Bind Off in Three Easy Steps (4 pages)

How to Seam Open Stitches to a Side Edge (6 pages)

Blocking in Three Simple Steps (6 pages)

Five Ways to Join Stitches for Working in the Round (8 pages)

Three Ways to Knit Nupps (7 pages)

Colourful Nupps (4 pages)

How to Knit a Vintage Lace Edging (4 pages)

Perfect Seam for Garter Stitch (6 pages)

Five Reasons Why We Get Unwanted Holes in Knitting + How to Avoid and Fix Them (8 pages)

How to Weave in Tails as You Knit (6 pages)

Continental Knitting Step by Step - Part 1 - How to Hold Yarn and Adjust Tension (6 pages)

Continental Knitting Step by Step - Part 2 - How to Knit, Purl and Bind Off Stitches (7 pages)

How to Increase Stitches in Pattern (4 pages)

How to Fix Unravelled Yarn Tails in a Finished Project (5 pages)

Kitchener Stitch in Two Simple Steps (8 pages)

Three Ways to Make Provisional Cast On (8 pages)

Scribble Lace Knitting (10 pages)

Short Rows with Shadow Wraps (6 pages)

Intriguing Stitch Pattern with Lace and Cables (6 pages)

Perfect Cast On for 1x1 Ribbing (6 pages)

How to Read Japanese Patterns (6 pages)

The Easiest Way to Knit Brioche Stitch (5 pages)

Knot Stitch (6 pages)

Long Tail Tubular Cast on for 2x2 Ribbing (6 pages)

How to Weave in Short Yarn Tails (4 pages)

The Most Important Knitting Skill (9 pages)

Top 15 Tips for Beginner Knitters (15 pages)

Perfect Way to Join a New Ball of Chunky Yarn (6 pages)

Simple Way to Cast on Stitches Using Two Colours (7 pages)

Hollow Rib (8 pages)

Sloped Bind Off (6 pages)

Bind Off Without Yarn (6 pages)

How to Fix a Dropped Stitch Without a Crochet Hook (6 pages)


Stripe Patterns for Knitting with Two, Three and Four Colours (5 pages)

12 Tips for Travel Knitting (7 pages)


Facile Sweater Knitting Pattern (regular sizes - 11 pages + slim sizes - 11 pages)

Ibiza Shawlette Knitting Pattern (5 pages)

Sideways Sweater Knitting Pattern (kids sizes - 8 pages + slim sizes - 8 pages + regular sizes - 8 pages + curvy sizes - 8 pages)

A collection of 42 knitting tutorials published in 2018 | 10 rows a day
A collection of 42 knitting tutorials published in 2018 | 10 rows a day
A collection of 42 knitting tutorials published in 2018 | 10 rows a day


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