What’s Included in Knitting Collection #1


Double-Stranded Knitting (6 pages)

How to Make Sure You Finish All Projects You Start (4 pages)

Twelve Tips for Knitting on the Go (5 pages)

Five Ways to Make an SSK-like Decrease (6 pages)

How to Create Gradient and Ombré Effects (7 pages)

How to Make Sure Your Finished Knits Fit (8 pages)

M1L and M1R Without Confusion (6 pages)

How to Keep Yarn From Tangling (7 pages)

Stockinette Stitch that Doesn’t Curl (5 pages)

Five Ways to Carry Yarn up the Side of the Work (8 pages)

How to Read Knitting Charts (10 pages)

Lifeline – What? Why? How? (9 pages)

How to Unknit (8 pages)

Magic Loop Step by Step (12 pages)

Five Ways to Make Neat Side Edges (9 pages)

Reversible Cables (9 pages)

Bubble Wrap Stitch (11 pages)

Easy Way to Knit Fair Isle in the Round and Flat (9 pages)

How to Fix Gap Between Rows (6 pages)

Helix Knitting (9 pages)

Three Ways to Start Knitting From the Center Out (10 pages)

How to Make a Lazy Pompom and Attach it to a Hat (9 pages)

Three Ways to Make a Stretchy Bind Off (7 pages)


12 Lace Stitches From the Easiest to More Challenging (28 pages)

12 Stitches for Working in the Round (6 pages)


Teddy Lady and Teddy Dandy (Collection of Knitting Patterns for Soft Toys) (21 pages)