Knitted Cast On at the Beginning of a Row

Knitted Cast On at the Beginning of a Row

When a project requires steep increases, the pattern will instruct us to cast on a certain number of stitches at the beginning of a row. At first, it might seem confusing, because we usually cast on stitches when there are no stitches on the needles, not when we are already halfway through the project.

Despite the confusion, casting on stitches at the beginning of a row is a fairly simple task. Let’s take a look at a very simple way that forms a neat sturdy cast-on edge with moderate stretch and no holes.

This method is called knitted cast on, and it is one of the easiest methods, because it requires the same steps as knitting, except for the last part when we place the newly-formed stitch to the left needle.

Here’s how this method works step by step.

STEP 1. Insert the tip of the right needle from left to right into the first stitch on the left needle.

STEP 2. Wrap the right needle with the yarn the same way as we do when we knit a stitch.

STEP 3. Pull this wrap through the stitch to form a new stitch.

STEP 4. Insert the tip of the left needle from left to right into the newly-formed stitch.

STEP 5. Ease the right needle out leaving this stitch on the left needle, and pull the yarn to adjust the size of the new stitch.

Repeat steps 1 – 5 to cast on as many stitches as you need.

Watch these steps in a video tutorial:

Remember NOT to slip the original stitch off the left needle! We are not knitting stitches. We are adding more stitches to the project.

Then follow the pattern instructions to work the next row, and continue to work on your project.

Once you work a few rows, you will see that the edge you formed is neat, quite sturdy and moderately elastic – perfect for any kind of shaping.

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Happy knitting!

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Knitted Cast On at the Beginning of a Row | 10 rows a day
Knitted Cast On at the Beginning of a Row | 10 rows a day
Knitted Cast On at the Beginning of a Row | 10 rows a day