Simplified I-Cord Cast On Step By Step

Simplified I-Cord Cast On Step by Step

There are two most common ways to make an i-cord cast on. We can form new stitches by knitting into the front and back of the first stitch as we make an i-cord. Or, we can pick up stitches from the i-cord that we’ve knitted beforehand.

Neither way is perfect. The first one forms a set of loose stitches in the first row or round of the project, and the second method is quite finicky because we have to do this cast on in two stages – make an i-cord first, and pick up stitches from that i-cord in the second step.

But if we modify the first method a little bit, we can get the same beautiful result produced by the second method without any need to pick up stitches. Because, let’s be honest, who likes to look for tiny “v”s on a long slim piece of knitted fabric.

I called this method a “simplified i-cord cast on” because it is indeed very simple. There are only three steps that are easy enough even for absolute beginners.

It is a perfect way to cast on stitches for scarves, blankets, shawls, sweaters, cardigans, bottom-up hats and other projects that benefit from a lovely edge with a moderate amount of stretch.

Another great thing about this cast on method is that the edge it forms is identical to the edge created by the i-cord bind off method.

If you like to add matching edges to your projects, the i-cord cast on + bind off duo is a winning combination.

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Do you prefer to have matching cast on and bind off edges in your projects?

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Happy knitting!

Maryna Shevchenko -

Simplified I-Cord Cast On Step By Step | 10 rows a day
Simplified I-Cord Cast On Step By Step | 10 rows a day
Simplified I-Cord Cast On Step By Step | 10 rows a day