Gift Card


Let your knitting friend choose any patterns, courses, books or collections of tutorials.

A gift card is an easy way to give your knitting friends a way to choose any pattern, course, book or collection of tutorials they like.

This card will be delivered to the email address you type into the “To” field on a date that you choose in a “Date” field, and it will contain the message you enter into the “Message” field. It is a personalized gift that you can send anytime to anyone anywhere in the world.

The card does not expire and is valid on all patterns, courses, books, collections of tutorials and the annual club membership. All these products are digital and do not require any additional shipping costs. Your friend will be able to take advantage of your gift instantly.

Start by choosing the amount you’d like to gift.

Once the amount is set, you will see the fields that you need to fill with the name and email address of the recipient of the card, your name and the message you’d like to send along with the card.

Then add this gift card to cart or proceed directly to the payment.



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