Free Resources

This section is a cosy home to different mini-courses, charts and e-books explaining in great detail knitting techniques, tips and tricks.

All that information is packed in PDF files, so you could easily download and save them to your computer or any other device you prefer to use. This way you will have those tips ready to use whenever you need them.


Finishing techniques - free mini-course

Interesting Knitting Stitches - free mini-course

Colour Knitting - free mini-course

Cast Ons and Bind Offs - free mini-course


12 Lace Stitches - free book of knitting stitches

12 Stitches for a Top Down Hat - free book of knitting stitches

12 Tips for Travel Knitting - free book of knitting tips

Teddy Lady and Teddy Dandy - free e-book of knitting patterns for stuffed animals


Knitting time calculator - free download

Hat Size Chart - average hat meeasurements in seven sizes from Preemie to Large Adult

Download your copy of the free sweater size chart

Sock Size Chart - free download

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Free knitting resources | 10 rows a day