Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension

Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension

If your knitting is too tight, too loose or uneven, I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful. It is about a simple trick that helped me fix my own problem with knitting tension.

My purl stitches are looser than my knit stitches. That’s why the wrong side of my stockinette stitch often shows gaps after every other row.

Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension

For years, I coped with this issue by wrapping the yarn around my little finger once in every knit row and twice in every purl row (we discussed this method in this tutorial).

Then I accidentally stumbled upon a solution that is easier and more effective than the “single vs double wrap” fix. I’ve been using this new way for a few months now and it works remarkably well for me.

Now, that this little technique has been tested, it is time to share it with you, my friends.

It all comes down to the angle of our knitting needles. Apparently, we form looser stitches when our needles are almost parallel to each other at the time when we wrap the tip of the right needle with the yarn.

Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension

And we work tighter when our needles form a right or even acute angle.

Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension

How can we use this information to fix our problems with knitting tension? Well, that depends on the type of problem.

Here are solutions to the four most common ones.

I haven’t tested this simple trick to see whether it works equally well when we use the English knitting style. Even though I can knit with the yarn in my right hand, I don’t do it fast enough to uncover any inconsistencies in my knitting tension.

So if you knit using the English knitting style and would like to improve your knitting tension, please, give this little technique a try and let me know whether you noticed an improvement. Thank you 🙂

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Happy knitting!

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Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension | 10 rows a day
Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension | 10 rows a day
Simple Way to Improve Knitting Tension | 10 rows a day