Fixing Mistakes In Cables Step By Step

Fixing Mistakes in Cables Step by Step

Some knitting mistakes are barely noticeable and we can safely leave them hidden in the project. Missed and mis-crossed cables do not belong to that category. These mistakes are far from being invisible. They are staring right at us no matter whether the cable is in the very centre of the project or at its side.

Often we notice those mishaps after we worked a number of rows. If there are a lot of stitches on our needles, the thought of undoing a chunk of our project is rather painful.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to rip out our work to fix a cable. We can easily do it when we follow three simple steps.

Depending on the complexity of the cable, it usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to fix a missed or mis-crossed cable. It is much more efficient than unravelling several rows or rounds of the project, fixing the cable and then re-knitting those unravelled rows again.

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Fixing Mistakes In Cables Step By Step | 10 rows a day
Fixing Mistakes In Cables Step By Step | 10 rows a day
Fixing Mistakes In Cables Step By Step | 10 rows a day