Double Chain (aka Chinese Waitress) Cast On the Easy Way

Chinese Waitress Cast On the Easy Way

It’s not that the classic version of the double chain cast on is very difficult, but if we can make it easier, why not? It is a wonderful way to make an elegant fully-reversible edge, and when we simplify this method, we are more likely to use it when we start a project.

As a result, more of our projects will boast a beautiful quite elastic cast on edge as a subtle decorative detail that elevates the look of even the simplest knitting creation.

This version of the double chain cast on method was originally demonstrated by 2bunused in a video tutorial that she published six years ago.

I simplified this approach a little bit, and now we can form this lovely cast on edge without crossing the hook and the needle, without maneuvering the yarn wrap through the stitch from underneath the needle, and without making and then unravelling a slip knot.

Let’s see how we can do it step by step

No matter what project you will choose to decorate with this interesting (and easy!) cast on method, you may be confident that the edge looks neat on both sides of the fabric and has enough stretch to support the main fabric of your knitting creation in the best possible way.

Chinese Waitress Cast On the Easy Way

Many thanks to Nori for sending me a link to the original video tutorial about this variation of the double chain (aka Chinese waitress) cast on.

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Happy knitting!

Maryna Shevchenko -

Chinese Waitress Cast On the Easy Way | 10 rows a day
Chinese Waitress Cast On the Easy Way | 10 rows a day
Chinese Waitress Cast On the Easy Way | 10 rows a day