Eastern (Russian) Knitting Simplified

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Centuries-old knitting style that allows us to knit faster and be more efficient with as little strain to our wrists as possible.

What is Eastern knitting, and what is so special about it?

In a few words – Eastern (previously known as Russian) knitting is a way to knit fast without putting much strain on knitter’s wrists.

That makes it one of the most efficient knitting styles out there.

They say that knitting, in general, appeared because people were looking for ways to make clothing, most likely, socks.

Eastern knitting appeared out of the need to keep everyone in the family warm during the winter months that could be extremely cold in Eastern Europe. Having or not having woollen hats, scarves, socks and sweaters was literally a matter of life and death. And when the stakes are that high, people get creative and find ways to make clothing faster.

Fortunately, our great-grandmothers did that job for us, and we can now use the knitting style that allows us to get from the cast on to the bind off as quickly as possible, without diminishing the quality of our knits.

In this course, I’ll show you the basics of Eastern knitting style as well as differences between the Eastern and the Classic knitting. We’ll talk about ways to adjust knitting patterns for Eastern style and even a way to switch between the Eastern and the Classic knitting styles in the same project.

As a bonus, we’ll see how we can knit back and forth without turning our work, and we’ll knit a simple shawlette together using the Eastern way of knitting.

It is a self-paced course, so you can work on it on your own time without any pressure and deadlines.

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What’s included

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20 Videos (2 h 52 min) | 3 Quizzes | 7 PDFs (37 pages)

Russian Knitting - Online Course | 10 rows a day
Russian Knitting - Online Course | 10 rows a day
Russian Knitting - Online Course | 10 rows a day

10 reviews for Eastern (Russian) Knitting Simplified

  1. Norma P

    Brilliant course
    The instructor is wonderful. Very clear and concise. The material is presented in a logical sequence which makes it very easy to follow. For me an English style knitter it took a few goes to get the hang of holding the yarn. Once I got that there was no holding me back..

  2. LINDA R

    Best Knitting Course on the Internet!
    This course is very well organized, with a mix of videos and pdf instructions as follow-up. Maryna’s instructions are clear, concise, and the videos demonstrate very well the instructions. All the basics are covered, and I’m hoping she offers similar courses at the next level….if you are seriously considering taking an on-line course, this one should be at the top of your list. Absolutely superb instruction!

  3. Kiran G

    So pleased I bought this.
    I really wanted to try Russian knitting as I had seen scraps of information online about it but no proper instructions. This course has made my year! I love everything about it, the lessons are perfect. Thanks to Maryna for such a high-quality product.

  4. Kaethe P

    Full of value!
    I ventured into this course looking for a way to reduce the strain on my right wrist and arm caused by the “wrapping” style of knitting. Given more practice, I think I’ve found that, but Maryna’s instructions go far beyond a new way to manage needles and yarn. She fills each short video with bonus information, so much of which applies to whatever style of knitting you do. Even if you don’t want to change your method, watch this course: it offers so many good tips! The videos themselves are very well-done: good lighting, clear contrast between background and samples, easy pacing, and an excellent point of view of the stitches being worked. Maryna’s voice-overs are delivered in a friendly, conversational style without being chatty. It really is the next-best thing to being there in person. I’m planning to work my way through the lessons again to get good at Russian knitting and be ready for whatever course this engaging instructor develops next!

  5. Deedee W

    Wonderful! Easy to follow, fun to do, I was enchanted from the beginning. I have uniform stitches throughout my swatch. And now the adventure begins! I also learned a few new things that I never knew although I have been knitting for over 35 years. Good job!

  6. Julie T.

    Perfect for beginners or experienced knitters. I’d learned and used russian of and on for years; I love the tutorial and this method. It is great for ergonomics and speed. There are a couple of hick-ups that are addressed herein. Now I can use my russian knitting whenever with confidence. Thnak-you!

  7. Allison B.

    I’ve been searching online for months on how to do Russian knitting. The information isn’t readily available, so I decided to splurge on myself and buy this course. I am really glad I did. In my opinion, Russian is so much easier and faster than the classic way. The course is super easy to follow and is perfect even for beginners. I highly recommend it.

  8. Rice

    Your tutorials have been superb!

    • Maryna

      Thank you so much, Rice 🙂

  9. Jennifer Elliott

    I bought the course because my fingers and wrists had started aching while knitting.
    Fantastic instructions great teacher – now I can’t go back to throwing and my hands and wrists are painless even when I knit for hours. I’ve recommended this course to many people.

    • Maryna

      My dear Jennifer, I’m so glad that you can knit longer without tiring your wrists when you use the Russian knitting style. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment. I appreciate it a lot. Happy knitting! Maryna

  10. Connie S

    Great Course. I enjoyed this course very much. Maryna did an excellent job with great detail in her instructions of Russian Knitting.

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