Dictionary of Knitting Symbols and Abbreviations – E-Book

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Collection of symbols used in German, Russian and American knitting charts that describe over 170 knitting stitches and combinations of stitches.

You know those beautiful stitch patterns with charts that we often see online? If you need help understanding the symbols in those charts, I made a Dictionary of Knitting Symbols and Abbreviations for you.

This dictionary is a collection of symbols used in German and Russian knitting charts as well as the system of symbols recommended by the American Craft Yarn Council.

Symbols that describe the same knitting stitch or combination of stitches are placed next to each other with the German symbols arranged in the first column, Russian symbols in the second column, and American symbols in the third column.

The fourth column hosts the commonly used abbreviations, and the fifth column is reserved for a detailed description of the stitches or combinations of stitches depicted by the corresponding symbols and abbreviations.

There are symbols that depict over 170 stitches and combinations of stitches. To make it easier for you to navigate this dictionary, all symbols are divided into seven groups – Basic Stitches, Yarn Overs and Brioche Stitches, Increases, Decreases, Textured Stitches, Cables, Brioche Cables.

Product details:

Format : PDF
Print length : 23 pages
File size : 1.30 MB
Language : English
Year of publication : 2022

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Dictionary of Knitting Symbols and Abbreviations | 10 rows a day
Dictionary of Knitting Symbols and Abbreviations | 10 rows a day

2 reviews for Dictionary of Knitting Symbols and Abbreviations – E-Book

  1. Donna

    Nicely laid out. Easy to read. It’s self-explanatory. I’m glad I purchased it!

  2. Claudia

    TOTALLY AWESOME! Maryna has the best tips and helpful resources! This booklet is concise, thorough and complete! It even has Brioche and multiple stitch cables. A truly wonderful addition to my library, I have many Japanese helps of this sort, NOW my library is complete with this German/Russian assist. Fabulous job Maryna.

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