Dealing with Unfinished Projects

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Step by step strategy that will help you get rid of your knitting UFOs and better plan your future projects.

Why are unfinished projects bad for us? 

First of all, they make us guilty. Every time we look at a half knit sock or an almost finished sweater we feel sorry for those abandoned creations. That’s why many of us tuck the unfinished project deep inside boxes and baskets with yarn and other craft supplies.

Secondly, they make us lose faith in our skills. With every unfinished project added to our stash, we might start thinking that we are not good enough at knitting because a good knitter would finish that scarf or hat in no time.

And of course, those unfinished projects tie up lots of needles and stitch markers, that we often need for other projects. Instead of using the supplies we already have, we usually buy extra sets of needles in the sizes that are imprisoned by UFO’s.

As you see, aside from being a general disappointment and nuisance, unfinished projects also cost us money. Not good at all!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With just a bit of planning and common sense, it is possible to live with one or two projects on the needles. Before that happens, it is imperative to deal with the unfinished projects we already have. Let’s see HOW we can do that.

I usually use the same system that helps me get rid of excess clothing, never-to-be-read books and other clutter that over time inevitably accumulates in my home. In this course, I explained this strategy in an easy-to-implement way with step-by-step instructions, helpful charts and video tutorials.

It is a self-paced course, so you can work on it on your own time without any pressure and deadlines.

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What’s included

2 Videos (8 min) | 8 PDFs (26 pages)

Sorting the Projects and Rescuing the Supplies
Sorting the Projects

Burm Test for Wool, Cotton, Bamboo and Acrylic Yarn
Dealing with the "Like" Pile
The "Like" Pile

Project Planner

Knitting Time Calculator

How Long Does it Take to Knit?
Planning Future Projects
How to Make Sure You Finish All Knitting Projects You Start

How to Make Sure Your Finished Knits Fit

Template for Sweater Measurements

Eight Steps to Make Sure Your Finished Knits Fit


Dealing with Unfinished Projects - Online Course | 10 rows a day
Dealing with Unfinished Projects - Online Course | 10 rows a day

2 reviews for Dealing with Unfinished Projects

  1. Malynn M

    Well thought out and well presented. I’ve been overwhelmed for years and I think I finally have a method that will work for me. Starting today. Thanks so much for thinking of a logical answer to this problem.

  2. Danielle P

    Very important lessons ! Thank you. I would like to add, dear Maryna, that since I’ve read and done the exercise of the lesson, I have disciplined myself to finish the yarns I already have and the projects on hand. I now have a tool to be more productive instead of collecting yarns. Also, I can learn new techniques on the way. Looking forward to improving my hobby with your site. Have a beautiful day !

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