Club 2024


Knitting club for beginners and more experienced knitters. Dozens of in-depth knitting tutorials, e-books, patterns, and a spot in twelve live online workshops.

As a member of Club 2024, you will get lifetime access to:

  • full PDF versions of all tutorials published in 2024 (I publish on average more than 40 tutorials a year),
  • ad-free versions of all video tutorials released in 2024,
  • all e-books and patterns published in 2024 (including a digital copy of the second part of the “Matching Cast Ons and Bind Offs” book that will be published in fall 2024),
  • a spot in monthly online meetings of the club knitting group. Each meeting starts with a workshop where we’ll be exploring six pairs of cast on and bind off methods that form identical edges. The workshops are recorded, and whether you participated in person or not, you will be able to watch and re-watch the recordings any time.

    After the workshop, we usually have a friendly chat about all things knitting, sharing tips and stories, and helping each other with various knitting issues.

  • The club membership also includes an annual 25% discount on all patterns, courses, books and collections of tutorials that were published in previous years and are not part of Club 2024 The discount is valid for the whole year until January 1, 2025.

The tutorials published each year cover a variety of knitting methods and tips that will be helpful to knitters of all skill levels – beginners as well as more experienced knitters.

When you sign up for the club, you will receive instructions on how to access the club dashboard along with your personal password.

The instructions on how to access the club dashboard are in a PDF. Click the link “Club 2024 Access” in the “Download” section of the order confirmation to download the PDF with the instructions. It contains the link to the club dashboard and your personal password.

Your access to the club dashboard will not expire (ever!), so feel free to download the tutorials whenever you need them.

If you are a member of the Club already, click here to get to the club dashboard.

Here’s what other knitters say. I hope you will feel the same way 🙂


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