How to Alternate Colours in Every Row

How to Alternate Colours in Every Row

Ever wondered how to easily elevate a basic stitch pattern to give it a one-of-a-kind gorgeous look? One of the ways to achieve this is to work with two colours alternating those colours in every row or round.

If you are after a funky look, choose a flashy combination of bright contrasting colours, but if you want to make your project more elegant, pick two colours that are close in shade.

When we use this method on a seamless project, the task of alternating colours in every round is very easy – we simply pick a strand in a different colour every time we start a new round.

When we want to pull this trick off on a project worked back and forth, things get a bit more challenging. More challenging, but not complicated, as long as we follow three simple rules.

Aside from giving our projects an instant upgrade, this method also works well for using up leftover yarn. If you don’t have a full amount of yarn for a project you want to make, you can easily use “half-quantities” of two yarns in matching colours.

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How to Alternate Colours in Every Row | 10 rows a day
How to Alternate Colours in Every Row | 10 rows a day
How to Alternate Colours in Every Row | 10 rows a day