Brioche Selvedges

Brioche Selvedges

Very few knitters don’t like the look of the brioche stitch. The rich texture and amazing softness of brioche fabric is the epitome of the cosiness and warmth of hand-knitting.

Even though brioche might not be a good choice for some garments, we can easily make brioche borders to add a touch of lusciousness to any project, especially the ones with open side edges (like scarves, shawls, blankets and cardigans), because who would want to hide beautiful side edges inside a seam, right? 🙂

All we have to do to turn any side edge into a gorgeous fully reversible border is to repeat two simple steps in every row as we work on our project.

I’ve tested this border with stockinette, garter, seed stitch and ribbing, and it looks great with all these stitch patterns. It means that, most likely, this border will work well with the majority of stitch patterns.

Brioche Selvedges

This method is very new to me. I learned it from a short video clip that was forwarded to me by a YouTube viewer. According to the watermark on the video, it was originally posted by @knitideas on TikTok.

I tested this method and instantly fell in love with its simplicity and the beautiful look of the borders it forms. The video clip showed only the pattern row, but once I realized the border is based on the brioche stitch pattern, it was fairly easy to figure out the setup row.

The full step-by-step photo tutorial about this method, is a part of the Knitting Collection #5. Once you order your copy of this collection, you will instantly receive a “big PDF” (336 pages!) with this and 46 other tutorials included in the collection.

You will also receive three knitting patterns as a special bonus, so go ahead and get it all right now before you forget 😊

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Happy knitting!

Maryna Shevchenko -

Brioche Selvedges | 10 rows a day
Brioche Selvedges | 10 rows a day
Brioche Selvedges | 10 rows a day