Brigitte Beret


Top-down Parisian-style beret with invisible shaping

This beret is worked from the top down with increases scattered on the top part so that they do not form the distinct lines that we usually see on knitted berets. All of that makes it a very interesting project.

We start from just a few stitches and within minutes the beret grows on the needles almost magically. It is the “just one more round” stage that lasts about one-fourth of the project. It is the time when we don’t want to put the work down because we love to watch it grow.

Then the growth slows down and the project moves to the “binge-watching” stage. It is the part that you can work on while watching your favourite movie or TV show.

Once we reach the first decreasing round, the project gets a new sense of urgency. We realize that there are just a few rounds left before we bind off stitches and put the beret on. The process becomes even more interesting because with each decreasing round we have fewer stitches on the needles and the work moves faster.

Then, like the cherry on the cake, we make a lovely tuck fold at the very bottom of the beret and then bind off stitches.

All instructions are written out in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format with photos and links to video tutorials that explain different techniques used in this project.


Toddler (Child, Small Adult, Medium Adult, Large Adult) – to fit head circumference 46 (52, 53, 56, 60) cm / 18 (20.5, 20.75, 22, 23.5)”.


Around 140 (170, 190, 200, 210) m / 150 (190, 210, 230) yds of any sock yarn (wool or wool blend) that has the equivalent of 200 m / 210 yds in 50 g / 1.7 oz (it is consistent with Sport weight that is marked by digit 2 on the yarn label).

To make the beret featured in the photos, I used Knitca Socks yarn (75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon) in the Crimson colour.


One long circular needle (at least 80 cm / 32” long), or two shorter circular needles, or double-pointed needles in size 2.5 mm (US size 1.5).


1 stitch marker
1 thin wool needle or a thick sewing needle
row counter (optional)


33 stitches x 44 rounds = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4” in stockinette stitch.


  • The beret is worked from the top down.
  • The shaping is achieved by scattered increases that do not form increasing lines. This way, the fabric is more even and the top part of the beret looks a lot like the iconic French berets.
  • There are plenty of ways to style this beret. You can wear it on top of your head, as Brigitte Bardot does, or at the back of your head to show off your beautiful hair. You can even move it to the side for a more casual artistic look.

The pattern is supported by step by step photo instructions and ten video tutorials that explain the techniques used in this project.

Happy knitting 🙂


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Brigitte Beret Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Brigitte Beret Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Brigitte Beret Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day


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