Braided Bind Off – Step by Step

Braided Bind Off

In this tutorial, I want to share with you a bind off that I’ve discovered recently in a Verena knitting magazine. It was used to finish off sleeves of a top-down sweater. The edging looked quite intriguing in the photo, so I made a swatch to test it out.

I’m happy I did because now I know a simple way to make a bind-off edge that is fully reversible, quite stretchy and has a lovely braid on each of its three sides.

Braided Bind Off

This bind off is a version of i-cord bind off, but it is much more elegant and can be made on any needles (not necessarily double-pointed ones).

Let’s see how we can make it.

As you see, the edge looks exactly the same on both sides of the work, with a beautiful braid on top – perfect for necklines, bottom and sleeve edges of a top-down sweater, or any other edges that you decide to decorate.

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Happy knitting!

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Braided Bind Off - Step by Step | 10 rows a day
Braided Bind Off - Step by Step | 10 rows a day
Braided Bind Off - Step by Step | 10 rows a day