Binary Socks


Easy-to-knit colourful socks with a comfortable fit

These socks are called “binary” because the colour pattern is based on a sequence of two stitches worked in one colour and two stitches worked in the other colour.

This makes the colour pattern amazingly easy to knit. You should only pay attention to how the round starts and then simply alternate two stitches in one colour with two stitches in the other colour.

There are five binary colour patterns suggested in the sock pattern, so you can choose the pattern that you like best. Or, use different colour patterns to make mismatched socks that look alike but not exactly the same.

Plus, you can make any of these patterns using two different methods – with two strands of the yarn used in the same round and with one strand at-a-time. Both techniques are explained in the pattern.

But simple colour patterns and the choice of knitting methods are not the only benefits of this design. One of the biggest advantages of these socks is a great fit.

They have a rounded toe part that mimics the natural shape of the front part of a human foot (and keeps the socks from wearing out fast!), the shaping of the heel follows the natural curve of the back of a foot, and there are two options to make the cuff – tighter for people with slim ankles and looser for people with fuller ankles.


Children’s shoe sizes – 9, 12 (US sizes) / 25, 30 (European sizes) / approximately fits 3, 6 years old kids.

Women’s shoe sizes – 5, 7, 9 (US sizes) / 35/36, 37/38, 39/40 (European sizes)

Men’s shoe sizes – 7, 9, 11, 13 (US sizes) / 40, 42, 44, 46 (European sizes)


Any sock yarn (wool or wool blend) that has the equivalent of 200 m / 210 yds in 50 g / 1.7 oz (it is consistent with the Sport weight that is marked by “2” on the yarn label).

You will need around 160, 180 / 200, 220, 230 / 230, 240, 260, 270 m (170, 190 / 220, 240, 250 / 250, 270, 280, 300 yds) of yarn in the main colour, and around 70, 80 / 90, 100, 110 / 110, 120, 120, 130 m (80, 90 / 100, 110, 120 / 120, 130, 130, 140 yds) of yarn in a contrasting colour.

The socks featured in the photos are made with Knitca Socks yarn in Black as the main colour and White as the contrasting colour.


2.75 mm (US size 2) circular or double-pointed needles


1 locking stitch marker
1 thin wool needle or a thick sewing needle
row counter (optional but recommended)


29 stitches x 36 rounds = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4” in stockinette stitch.

32 stitches x 35 rounds = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4” in binary colour pattern


  • These socks are worked in the round from the toe up.
  • The knitting techniques underlined in the pattern are available as separate tutorials. Click the underlined name of the technique to read and watch the tutorial.

The pattern is supported by fourteen video tutorials that explain the knitting techniques used in this project. For each technique, I picked the easiest one out of all similar methods that I could find. So, these socks are very beginner-friendly.

Happy knitting 🙂


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Binary Socks Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Binary Socks Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day
Binary Socks Knitting Pattern | 10 rows a day


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