Baby Blanket Ideas

This is a collection of suggestions that I received from knitters subscribed to my weekly newsletter. I was looking for a simple yet interesting pattern for a baby blanket, and asked for “tried and true” patterns that other knitters used to make baby blankets to their friends and family.

The ideas that my dear knitting friends sent me are so wonderful that I decided to post them all here in case someone else is looking for a lovely baby blanket pattern.

I hope you will find this collection helpful.

Happy knitting!

Fly Away Blanket – suggested by Marla Diamond.

Wrapping Blanket by Ruth Morris – suggested by Zenta Henderson.

Sunny Baby Blanket – suggested by Ethel Weltman, Nancy Lee.

“I like the very simple and versatile alternation of and odd number squares of garter stitch and SS.  And it can have a seed stitch border if you want but I don’t usually add the border!” – suggestion by Elaine DuFosee.

Holding Hands Baby Blanket – suggestion by Michele Williams.

Shifting Angles Blanket – suggestion by Eileen Schwab.

“I love the c2c with bulky yarn.  I use Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee Sweet Delight Chunky with #10 needles. I do between 90 and 122 stitches before starting to decrease.   I have made 2 so far and everyone loves them.  The chunky yarn and #10 needles make a tight weave.” – suggestion by Louise Taylor.

“The Chevron baby blanket is my “go to” baby blanket.  It calls for 5 colors, but I have done it in 3 colors and 2 colors.  It’s easy and fast and always makes an impression.” – suggestion by Aurora Bartel.

Four Colour Log Cabin Baby Blanket – suggestion by Nancy Lee.

Daisy Garden Baby Blanket – suggestion by Lynn.

Mini Max Blanket – suggestion by Ludmila Dynková.

Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days Blanket– suggestion by Cheryl Walbutton.

“One of my favorite knit blankets for preemies and babies (no lace for little fingers to get caught) is the corner-to-corner blanket.  It is so adaptable for using different colours with a beautiful backward single crochet around the edges or a soft pastel variegated yarn.  These blankets are always loved and treasured.  Sizing is so easy and this blanket can be made for wrapping, crib, stroller or bed.” – suggestion by Gail

Pine Forest Baby Blanket – suggestion by Amanda Brown.

Fifty Four Ten Studio – a huge selection of versatile patterns suggested by Pam Golenzer.

Knit Four Points Baby Blanket – suggestion by Karen Milton.

Polkett Blanket – suggestion by Kate F.

Block Stitch Baby Blanket – suggestion by Susan Banks.

Frankie’s 10-stitch Blanket – suggested by Marla Diamond.

“Using quite a thick yarn, I start and end each row with an uneven number of st in single moss stitch (i.e., 1 knit 1 purl, and putting the knitted stich over the purled one, and vice versa).

I started the blankie by 12 rows of garter st, maintaining the sides in single moss throughout the work.

For this border – the bottom of the blanket, to be repeated as the last rows at the top), I used a contrasting colour to the main body of the blanket (for dramatic effect😉)

Following the single moss st, I knitted an uneven number of stockinette st.

Then I make a cable section of 10 st total (6 st in the middle – the cable itself is done on every 9th row), separated on each side by 2 purled stitches; and finally, for the middle section I have 36 st on which I do a repeated eyelet pattern over the middle 12 st, flanked on each side by 12 st in moss stitch. The result is pretty breath-taking…

Obviously, so much depends on what size needles one uses, the yarn and so forth and each knitter will surely make their own variations!” – suggestion by Beatrijs.

If you know of a good pattern that is not included in this list, please, share it in a comment below. Many thanks 🙂

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  1. My absolute favourite baby blanket is the diagonal garter stitch one on Ravelry or Lion Brand..( free pattern) It is a lovely scrunchy texture and can easily be used for any yarn with appropriate needles and made to any size. Just start decreasing when half yarn is used. My ten year old granddaughter still cuddles hers!

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