Recording of a Live Class “How to Adjust a Knitting Pattern to Your Needs”


This is a full recording of a live class that took place during the spring 2024 learning session.

Available for purchase only until Saturday, May 25, 2024.

This recording is available for purchase only until Saturday, May 25, 2024, but you can watch and re-watch it whenever you want as many times as you need.

In this live online workshop, we learnt to make various adjustments to a knitting pattern to make sure the projects that we make look great and fit us well.

We started by discussing a reliable way to find a yarn that is similar to the yarn recommended in the pattern. Then we did a number of exercises that helped us to find a yarn substitution quickly and efficiently. We also looked into ways to plan adjustments to the texture of the future project even before we cast on stitches.

Then we talked about adjusting the size of the project to make sure we get a perfect (or nearly perfect) fit. We discussed different aspects of making a swatch and using the gauge. You might be surprised to learn that in many cases we do not need to match the gauge provided in the pattern.

Finally, we explored ways to change the shape of the project by adding increases and decreases in strategic places. We practiced the basic calculations required so that we could feel more confident in this process.

For all aspects of adjusting a knitting pattern, we used a sample pattern of a cardigan, but you can easily apply this approach to other projects.

As you watch this recording, please have on hand: a piece of paper, a pen or a pencil, and a calculator.

The recording is almost 3 hours long, and you can watch and re-watch it whenever you want as many times as you need.

The video is supported by auto-generated subtitles. To turn them on, click the “CC” button at the right bottom corner of the video screen.

Note that the names and faces of all participants are blurred to protect their privacy.

When you order this recording, you will receive:

  • a PDF with the link to the video recording,
  • a PDF with 101 slides used during the class,
  • a copy of “My Sweater Size Chart”,
  • a copy of “Yarn Substitution Chart”,
  • a “How to Substitute Yarn in Three Simple Steps” e-book.

You will be able to download these files directly from the order confirmation.

If you are a member of the Club 2024, remember to use your special discount code (you’ll find it in the club dashboard) to save 25% when you purchase this recording.



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