12 Lace Stitches


12 Lace Stitches From the Easiest to More Challenging

Lace is beautiful. The fact that you can knit it yourself is exciting. But
starting a lace knit project could be quite intimidating.

If you haven’t ever knit lace or tried it without much success, you think
“Where do I start?”, “How do I choose the pattern that is not too complicated?”
“How do I make sure the pattern works the way it should?”

This book of lace stitches is an attempt to help you with all those questions.

All stitch patterns you will find here are sorted from the easiest to more
complicated ones. If you are a beginner lace knitter, start with the first stitch,
and move to the next one as soon as you mastered the previous stitch.

Instructions for each stitch are double-checked and test-knit a few times to
eliminate any mistakes. Besides, you will also find tips on how to
make working on each stitch easier and how to avoid mistakes.

There is a description of the texture of each pattern with suggestions on how
to better use it in your knitted creation. That doesn’t mean though that you
HAVE to start a big project with any of these stitches.

Start small, and practice each stitch on a swatch. Cast on 20 to 25 stitches
(make sure the number is consistent with recommendations provided in the
pattern), follow instructions, and in just 10 rows you’ll see your own piece of
lace forming on your needles.

Enjoy 🙂

12 Lace Stitches - Free E-Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns | 10 rows a day
12 Lace Stitches - Free E-Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns | 10 rows a day


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