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Hello! I'm Maryna, a knitting instructor, designer and a lifelong knitter. I'll show you simple ways to knit without stress and to make beautiful knits that you'll be happy to wear or gift

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You might wonder - What's in the name? Why "10 rows a day"?

Well, that's how simple knitting is. If you knit 10 rows every day, you'll make a baby hat in about 4 days, an adult hat in just a week.

That means you can make 52 hats in a single year! Amazing, isn't it?

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So, what's happening here, at 10 rows a day?

A lot of knitting, swatching and researching. Every week I pick a question that I get from my subscribers (there are almost twenty thousand of them and they are all amazing, incredibly supportive people :) Then I search through lots of resources both online and offline to find the best ways to answer that question.

Sometimes I choose to describe and explain a technique that I've learned from a book or from my own knitting experience. In that case, I search for all possible variations of that technique and different ways to use it.

Once I have that information handy, I start swatching to test every little tip and find those that are the easiest to knit and provide the best results. I take photos (often they are step-by-step demonstrations) to show how that technique works and how you can use it in your knitting.

For those knitters who are visual learners, I make a video tutorial.

If necessary, I compile additional cheat sheets and templates to help you use the technique I describe. For example, I made a sweater size chart that helps you take the measurements of your favourite sweater to ensure that your finished knits fit. Or the knitting time calculator, that helps you plan your knitting time and get fewer UFOs.

Every Friday I put all that information together in a tutorial and share it with my community of subscribers. 

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